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Well, the Grinch paid my parents a visit last night. My dad's car got broken into, and he happened to be using the trunk as a hiding place for my mom's Christmas presents. Which might not seem like the greatest idea, but who would think that thieving dirtbags would steal a bunch of clothing? I don't know if there was anything else in there because he doesn't want to talk about it. This comes not even four months after the house was broken into, and all of my mom's jewelry was stolen. A lifetime's worth, including a bunch of stuff that had belonged to my grandmother.

It just makes me SO EFFING MAD. What the hell is wrong with people? The world needs less sociopaths, stat. The list of people that I want to punch in the face repeatedly keeps getting longer and I don't have the mental energy to sustain all these revenge fantasies. 2012 overall has really been the Year of the Asshole for me. I'm moving to the country and getting a bunch of big dogs.


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