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So I just wanted to share something that's making me feel really good right now!

I had a riding lesson earlier this evening, and was put on a horse that I had a lot of trouble with when I first rode her about two months ago - she managed to throw me twice in that lesson, and it was just sort of unpleasant overall, with both of us getting pretty worked up. Anyways, I wasn't super thrilled when I saw that I'd be riding her again tonight, but the class went GREAT. We got along really well, we were both super chill, and I also jumped the highest jump that I have ever tried up to this point and it went so smoothly. It was so good for my confidence, because I am just getting back in English riding and was up until fairly recently a bit of a nervous rider, especially when it came to jumping.


That's all! Not super huge, but I wanted to share a small success in my life.

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